Englisch-Übersetzung des Projektbeschriebs

Roots & Wings


In our collaboration with the renowned Cello Guitar Duo EN CUERDAS we are thrilled to perform a series of concerts featuring the WORLD PREMIERE of "Mediterraneo" from the award winning composer Dušan Bogdanović who lives in Switzerland. "Mediterraneo" is the first work ever written for this instrumentation.


Thus we promote Swiss cultural work and Swiss cultural heritage. 


This work will be published internationally by one of the most important contemporary music publishing houses, the Canadian Editions Doberman/Productions d'OZ. productionsdoz.com 


We will also present the popular MISA CRIOLLA from Ariel Ramírez, as well as works by M. Nobre, A. Piazzolla and Heitor Villa-Lobos.


The works with rich musical roots from Balkan and Latin American traditions resonate with cello, guitar and vocals and span their wings in the wide musical world.


 ..... an innovative conveying project.....


Thanks to the combination of contemporary and traditional music we offer concertgoers a unique opportunity to engage with qualitative artwork.

.....why did we choose «Crowdfunding».....

With your contribution you help us to finance salaries, rent, advertising and marketing of five concerts. Tank you!


Important notice: Goodies only for residents of Switzerland. Worldwide donations welcomed.